For almost seven decades the Ukrainian Institute promotes through educational, professional and social activities, a greater awareness, knowledge and appreciation of Ukraine’s and Ukrainians' rich culture, history and accomplishments.
The Institute also serves as the steward of one of America’s architectural treasures and continues to ensure that future generations of UkrainianAmericans, as well as the global community, will be able to enjoy this architectural masterpiece.



It was a very interesting project for our team. We wanted to do something with regard to Ukrainian organizations in the USA to represent them to local public. We are proud that Ukrainians are doing something good for their citizens, even outside the country.
That is why we took the inspiration from UIA to carry out this project.Unfortunately, history did not save almost any photos or illustrations of founding the institution to nowadays, except the story. However, we are grateful that the story survived. In this film we used only two photos of William Dzhus that we were able to find.



It was pretty challenging but at the same time quite interesting to invent the ways to make the story alive. We made this video in the form of collage animation, using historical portraits and photos of New York and the building itself.